Authentic handmade Venezuelan Arepas

We are a woman & immigrant owned catering company serving fresh Handmade Venezuelan style Arepas filled with Latin American inspired recipes in NYC and Northern Jersey area. 

More than just serving delicious Arepas, we are on a mission to connect and build a community made up of first gens, immigrant children, and women of color who struggle with the heavy responsibilities of being the first to take leaps. The one's pushing their family's greatness forward.


This business was created on the belief that:



Did you know eating an Arepa is healthier than eating a sandwich?

We are who our ancestors have been waiting for.

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So what's an Arepa anyway?

Venezuelan Arepas are made with pre-cooked white corn. Think of it as a round corn flour bread.

Is it the same as  Colombian Arepas?

Venezuelan Arepas are stuffed with different ingredients and therefore can be eaten as a meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner - one arepa can fill you up! While the Colombian arepas tend to be smaller, not filled and used as a side. 

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